Watching an OLT production you see where your donation dollars go. From the almost $1,000 it costs to buy a Dual Action Compound Mitre saw used for cutting angles on flats or creating ceiling trim, to the $100 per show spent on paint, your donations keep OLT onstage. But, like most organizations, OLT has visible and invisible operational costs. Picture an iceberg; if it weren’t for that beautiful mass of undersea ice, its peaks wouldn’t soar so high. What you see rests on what you don’t see.

OLT receives over 50,000-60,000 visits a Season! Keeping our building up to standard costs $2,600 a year in safety inspections, another $3,640 a year on garbage and recycling pick-up and – not to be overlooked – $5,100 a year on cleaning supplies and those indispensible paper products no washroom could do without. You don’t need to be Agatha Christie to solve the mystery of why a theatre’s hydro bill might be a little over the top. OLT’s monthly hydro and water bill of $5,460 is a whopping $65,500 a year -almost as scary as a play by Ira Levin!

OLT is a community player! Every season, charities all across the National Capital Region appeal to us for free tickets to auction off or give away at their fundraising events. But, each pair that flies out the door represents $54 of OLT’s Box Office Revenue. So, when you make a Support Donation of $50 to OLT, you are helping us do our part to assist other good causes in our community. Peer down to the very bottom of that iceberg and you will see that your Bronze Benefactor Donation at $150 pays for scripts for one production. However, you can’t produce any play – in the public domain – until you’ve paid the author’s royalties. The rights to perform one play are $2,800, meaning that royalties for OLT’s nine-play Season cost the theatre over $25,000!

Getting back to the stage, your Silver Benefactor donation of $250 just covered the cost of repairing the collapsed springs in a Victorian chair for Pride & Prejudice. Wouldn’t want to skimp on that expenditure! Your Gold Benefactor donation of $500 paid for a workshop to teach actors how to cross swords theatrically, so no one gets hurt, and your Platinum Benefactor donation of $1,000 was awarded to the first place winner of our annual One Act Playwriting Competition!

The contributions OLT receives during our spring subscription campaign can add up to as much as $50,000! Money OLT needs, and uses wisely.

Oh, and how much did that Dual Action Compound Mitre saw cost? Well, it was a steal at $800, saving us $200 that we put toward one week’s worth of phone bills. Result, $1,000 well spent! At OLT, we only cut the corners you don’t see!

Please consider making a donation to Ottawa Little Theatre so that we can continue to bring you great live theatre – and keep our ticket prices affordable! We thank you for your generosity and support.

If you wish to make a donation, you can do so by:

  • phoning the box office at 613-233-8948
  • mailing in a cheque payable to Ottawa Little Theatre
  • clicking on the donate button which takes you to CanadaHelps which allows you to easily donate online.

Thank you sincerely for your generosity.



$1 – $19
Our thanks!

$20 – $49 Friend
Tax Receipt for the full amount of donation
Letter of Appreciation

$50 – $99 Supporter
All of the above, plus:
An invitation to OLT’s annual Donor Event

$100 – $249 Bronze Benefactor
All the above, plus:
Acknowledgement in the House Programme
No-Charge Ticket Exchanges

$250 – $499 Silver Benefactor
All of the above, plus:
An invitation to attend a student performance of one of the OLT Drama Camps

$500 – $999 Gold Benefactor
All of the above, plus:
An invitation to attend a reading of a new play by Members(s) of the OLT Playwrights Circle

$1,000+ Platinum Benefactor
All of the above, plus:
A personal Backstage Tour of OLT (subject to dates & availability)
Thank you for your donation to OLT!