We are pleased to offer Ottawa Little Theatre’s Training, Education, Competency and Health and Safety Program (or OLTtechs for short). The program is designed to ensure that we can provide and track the training needed by volunteers to operate safely and effectively on our productions. workshops are free but please e-mail graham@ottawalittletheatre.com to reserve your spot. The program will cover the following areas:

• Stage Safety
• Stage Crew
• Sound Crew
• LX Crew
• Wardrobe Crew
• Fly Crew/Rigging
• Power Tools
• Rehearsal Management

In each area the courses scale up in levels from operators to department heads and designers. The idea is to keep things simple, a brief session followed by a simple demonstration. We would encourage all volunteers, novices and experts alike, to attend the training session as this is as much about introducing new standardised practices at the OLT as it is about subject specific training. Having said this we have no interest in making anyone sit through hours of talks about things they already know so those who have prior training and/or significant experience can just complete the demonstration element. All level one courses are free, no longer than 90 minutes (usually less than 60 minutes) and are usually scheduled at the beginning of a crew call to make it as easy as possible for volunteers to attend. Whenever possible we will match courses with the needs of a specific production (i.e. Fly 1 with a production that has a lot of flying) but courses are open to all OLT volunteers who are interested.



Q-lab projector tutorial video