The Miss Daisy Club is an initiative which pairs OLT subscribers and volunteers with members of the community who have the desire, but are no longer able to travel to the Theatre, or do not wish to come alone. The goal is to set up a recurring rideshare/ accompaniment arrangement. This community initiative will help put a little theatre back into the lives of community members who can no longer come of their own accord.

The inspiration for The Miss Daisy Club was an act of kindness that embodies the true spirit of Ottawa Little Theatre.

When Patricia Hubert first met 94-year-old Jeannette Tidman it was at the entrance to OLT following a show.

“She was waiting for a cab,” said Hubert. “It turns out she had been coming to the theatre for something like 30 years and until the bus routes changed she would come by bus. She lived on my way so I offered to drive her home.”

So began an unofficial three-year arrangement where Hubert would help Mrs Tidman get home safely from the show. So too began a lasting friendship between the two.

The challenge of getting to the theatre is one of the main reasons cited by Ottawa Little Theatre subscribers who choose not to renew their subscriptions.This initiative is designed to help those that wish to continue enjoying live theatre at OLT the opportunity to do so.

OLT is currently seeking both Drivers and Daisies for the first year of the program. If you are a subscriber and wish to help someone from your area get to the theatre safely on the night of your subscription please e-mail info@ottawalittletheatre.com or call 613-233-8948. You’ll need to provide us with the area you are driving from as well as the night your subscription falls on for us to match you properly.

If you wish to come to the theatre regularly but are not able to get here on your own, or do not wish to come alone please call 613-233-8948 or e-mail info@ottawalittletheatre.com to be paired with a driver.

If you are a volunteer and wish to help get patrons from your area to the theatre please e-mail jennifer@ottawalittletheatre.com with your availability and area to be matched.