Welcome To Ottawa Little Theatre!

Vision: A little theatre in everyone’s life.

Mission: To create the best in popular, entertaining community theatre for enjoyment, participation and learning.

Professional in style, traditional in tone, Ottawa Little Theatre (OLT) has been a vital part of the Ottawa arts community since 1913, making it one of the oldest, continuously producing community theatres in North America. With a 462-seat auditorium, and fully licensed, OLT is anything but “little”. Between 50,000 and 60,000 patrons walk through our doors each season to enjoy OLT’s plays, special events and more.

OLT produced over 1,000 plays in its first century. All directors, designers, actors and stage crew are volunteers. As a charitable not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization, OLT relies on its subscribers, ticket buyers and individual donors to provide nearly 70% of its income.  The balance is raised through fundraising, rentals and other sales.  1-3% of its income comes from government grants each year.

OLT has a long and illustrious history, and many of the actors who stood on the OLT stage have gone on to successful careers in film and television, and continue to do so!